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There is little knowledge about Jakob Hager. He should be born in Reichsthal or Oberweiler, both villages in the Palatia in Germany.

Jakob Hager married Caroline Krauß in 1890, a sister of the Eßweiler' musician Johannes Krauß. They had one daughter, Anna Hager, who married  Albert Heuer and lived in Red Bank, New Jersey.

A brother in law was Jakob Gerhardt, married with Anna Krauß, who played at the New York Philharmonic Orchestra. After the end of his career as musician he lived with Jakob Hagers daughter Anna. He had no children.

Jakob Hager played second trumpet in the orchestra of the Metropolitan Opera in New York City.

Picture 1 shows the Victor Herbert Band after a concert in Philadelphia in 1896. They played the cornett-trio  "The Three Solitaires" by Victor Herbert, dedicated to Jakob Hager.


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Picture 1: The Victor Herbert Band: 
Herbert L. Clarke, Jakob Hager, Hugo Schmidt (left to right)



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