1640 KrausJohannes Familie[1640] (german)


  • Born 29.11.1861
  • Death 25.05.1929, buried in Eßweiler

Johannes Krauß went to the USA and married Caroline Bosung in 1892. They had five Children, all born in the USA:

  • Elisabeth, died in Boston before 1898
  • Jakob and his twin, died in Boston before 1898
  • Caroline, married Paul Hunsicker
  • Johannes Jakob, born 11.02.1892 in New York ([1645])

After the death of his wife and three of his children (Elisabeth, Jakob and his twin) he returned to Eßweiler. In 1898 he married Amalia Esskuchen. The had four more children:

  • Emma
  • Mina, married with Albert Leonhardt
  • Rudolph, married with Hilda Antonie
  • Karl, married with Caroline

Johannes Krauß died at May, 25th. 1929, he was buried at Eßweiler Cemetary..

Johannes Krauß had two brothers in law who were musicians in famous orchestras in the United States:

  • Jakob Hager, married with Caroline Krauß, was second trumpet player in the orchestra of the Metropolitan Opera in New York City
  • Jakob Gerhardt, married with Anna Krauß, played at the New York Philharmonic Orchestra

The Picture right shows Johannes Krauß (right) with his second wife Amalia Esskuchen and his children Emma, Mina and Rudolph


1878: Holland, England
1892: USA
1898: Amerika



  • Barbara Santoro, Milltown, New Jersey (Great Granddaughter of Johannes Krauss)