1645 KraussJohannesJakob mitSchwester[1645] (german)


  • Born 17.02.1892 in New York
  • Death 20.09.1948, in the USA

Parents:  Johannes Krauß and Caroline Bossum

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Johannes Jakob Krauß was the son of Johannes Krauß [1640]. After the death of his mother and of his two brothers and a sister he returned to Eßweiler in 1898, together with his father and his sister Caroline. In Eßweiler he visited school. In 1912 he was registered for the german army, so he should live in Eßweiler at that time.

Later he returned to the USA. He married Agnes Fukna, they had four sons:  George, John F., Charles and Paul. All four sons worked as professional musicians and music teachers.

Johannes Jakob Krauß worked as musician in New York and New Jersey. During World War I he was in the U.S. Navy.


The picture in the right shows Johannes Jakob Krauß, maybe with his sister Caroline

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1645 KraussJohannesJakob Familie

Johannes Jakob Krauß and his wife Agnes Fukna, and his sons George, John F. Charles und Paul (in the front)


  • Barbara Santoro, Milltown, New Jersey (Granddaughter of Johannes Jakob Krauß)